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Bern, Zurich Canton, Switzerland

The Wintch family came from Bern, Zurich Canton, Switzerland in 1862. This site is dedicated to those ancestors who endured many hardships for the sake of their beliefs. The autobiographies found on this site relate the story of their conversion and of their lives in the new world.

The picture is of the river in Bern that winds between the city and the Bear Grotto. Switzerland is a beautiful country; however, when early immigrants were asked why they left such a beautiful place their reply was, "It is beautiful to the rich."

I recently heard from another Wintch Genealogist, who is a ggg-granddaughter of Anna Willemann Wintch. She had the opportunity to take part in the Sesquicentennial Celebration, walking as Anna. After extended research she believes she has found the gravesite for Anna Willemann Wintch. Susan wrote, "I believe I have found the area she is buried in and I would like to have a monument placed there. If you are interested in helping me put the word out and maybe plan a dedication, please let me know." You may read about the trek at A Pilgrimage of Faith.

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