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"If Family History were a picture, there would be no frame around it because there is no limit to it...And if it were an epoch or dispensation, it couldn't be measured, because it had no beginning and it will have no end".

Boyd K. Packer

Family History Broadcast
11 November 1998

If you would like to submit a HARLEY HISTORY, or any HARLEY related information to this website, you may do so by sending it to deharley@yahoo.com...

All histories remain the property of the person who submitted the information. For further clarification, please see the notice at the bottom of this page...

One of the greatest joys that comes through genealogical research is the ability to catch a glimpse of an ancestor's character and personality. They literally come to life; they are no longer a name on your family tree. In your mind's eye there emerges a very real person, who, like a delicate rose, exhibits a natural beauty, thorns and all...

A psychic connection develops welding a bond that cannot be broken, bridging the distance through time. It matters not that they lived 300 years ago.

As you read their stories the years melt away, a warmth floods through your veins and you will never be the same...

A Brief History of England
The Conways of Warwickshire
Descendants of Hans Rudolf Herli
Harllee Kinfolk
A Harley History
Harleys-Earls of Oxford: by Michael Harley
Jacob's Ladder
A History of the Owners of Ragley-Arrow
The Harleys of Shropshire
Lady Brilliana Harley

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