Whisperings on the Wind

Fairy Bar

Fairies in Flight

Fairies in flight...tiny, twinkling flashes of colored, glowing light.
Glimmering bursts adorning the night skies
as children frolic underneath,
wishing that light to contain.
Whimsically dreaming of a jar held bed side
light envisioning happy friend fireflies
angelically guarding over their sleeping sighs
never knowing what they see are the fairies of mythical fame,
since long back each night have they flown the heavens
making light disguised by their magic unknown to human eyes.
But if imprisoned, their essence core of light shall wane until one day,
they woe-full fade dying light...so remember, child,
when up at them you smile, and overhead they fly,
enjoy the nightly cavort but leave them outside
so tomorrow night remains
and each night you will see the mystical, wondrous light
as they gleefully play tag
causing your smile to rise once again,
mesmerizing you...
making you glad you came just as you did as a wee babe
that night you set them free when first them you did see.

[author unknown]

Tondra's Theory

Given the chance to "greet the day"
Life will come and sweep you away
On gossamer wings covered in sparkly dust.
Look around at everything...
Look! Look! you must!
Don't forget a thing you see on this journey.
It's filled with wonder and filled with learning.
To ride on the wings of life itself
Not sit around like an old book on a shelf
Live your life with everything you have to give
And in the memories of those you touched,
Forever you will live.

Faery Ring

The soft stars are shining, the moon is alight;
The folk of the forest are dancing tonight:
O, swift and gay is the song that they sing;
They float and they sway as they dance in a ring.

O, seek not to find them, the wee folk so fair;
They're shy as the swallow and swift as the air:
If you come, they are gone like a snow flake in May;
Like a breath, like a sigh, they vanish away.

[Katherine Davis, 1892-1980]

Fairy Bar

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