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This web site is dedicated to my cousin, Jean. When I was a child Jean enthralled me with her stories. My favorite was Thumbelina, by Hans Christian Anderson. With patience and kindness she re-read its pages to me many times, and it stirred something within me that yearned for a magical place where dreams come true.

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The story of Thumbelina is the story of light and darkness, beauty and ugliness, love and selfish desire. The literal is stripped away revealing things are not always what they appear to be at first glance. If you look carefully, you will discover many parallels within the pages of this Faery Tale that teach us valuable lessons in life. A few include:

  • The Seed: an unlikely bearer of fruit

  • The Woman: her kiss opens the flower bud to reveal Thumbelina

  • Thumbelina: a child of light; the fruit of faith

  • The Toads: bad habits which capture us

  • The Butterfly: a lighter side of life which we would like to keep with us, but which often seems to fly unwillingly from our grasp

  • The Seasons of the Year: the ups and downs of life

  • The Field-mouse: the comfort of the world which we hesitate to leave, even though we know we do not belong there

  • The Blind Mole: sin and darkness, ignorance and blindness, which keep us imprisoned

  • The Swallow: The good deeds of our lives, and higher strivings of our nature which return to us later and help rescue us from transgression.

Thumbelina: by Hans Christian Anderson; Scandanavian Publishing House,

DK-1165 Copenhagen, Denmark

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