Frog Pond

Pond Waters

On untrodden paths by the edge of pond waters
I escape
from pressures, conformities, expectations...
From all of the standards placed before me
which too long I was offering to feed my soul.
I rest
drinking in the solitude,
I replenish
dipping in the cool waters
I refresh
knowing the ripples I create
will spread through future generations.

(Dianne Elizabeth)

Come enter my sanctuary...
rest awhile,
or visit:

My Family History site,
which I call
A Never Ending Story


My Faery realm, a love of mine since childhood,
which you may enter through
My Secret Garden

Animated Fairies

A coming attraction this fall will be Morrison Manor
with its demented caretakers. There you will find:
Dianne's Dungeon and Lisa's Laboratory among the
many rooms...

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Dianne Elizabeth

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Created: September 2nd, 1999
Revised: December 20, 2012