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On the Isle of Lewis off the west coast of Scotland lies the ancient castle ruins- "Dun Eystein" - of the Clan Morrison. The clan from time immemorial have inhabited this extreme northern point of the Island, where the Morrisons retired when at war. An ancient feud is said to have begun when the McCauleys killed Donald Ban, brother of John Morrison, who held the position of "breithheamh" or judge of the Isle. When the Morrisons retaliated, the MaCauleys appealed to their allies, the McLeods.

To further fuel the feud's fires, Hutcheon Morrison, on his deathbed in 1566, confessed to being the natural father of Torquil, until then accepted as the son of Roderick McLeod of Lewis and his lawful wife, Janet McKenzie...This is the ancient heritage of those who inhabit Morrison Manor...although the blood of these ancestors runs deep within their veins, some say it has become 'tainted' over the centuries.

When the renovation of the once proud estate is completed, come and see for yourself.

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